The All-New Ford Kuga Media Drives

Ford Lio Ho held the All-New Ford Kuga media drives in June to accumulate in-depth media exposures and create strong momentum throughout the launch period. The pre-launch media drive featured Kuga ST-Line - the latest Kuga flagship model among the product lineup as the test drive vehicle to showcase the outstanding performance and create excitement from media and consumers for the product launch. The test drive routes composed of freeways, mountain, coastal roads and country roads, from straight paths for acceleration to curves for steering precision, as well as various road conditions for the test of different driving modes offered by the All-New Ford Kuga. Media can also experience the technology of the Ford Co-Pilot360TM and the NVH performance along with the long and relaxing coastal roads. Furthermore, the special playlist that we prepared could also be enjoyed through the B&O audio system. As for the post-launch media drive, the 1.5L Titanium model was featured to showcase the new design, premium exterior and interior settings, outstanding powertrain and fuel efficiency, excellent handling and the most compelling Co-Pilot360TM advanced technologies of the All-New Ford Kuga to further expand the share of voice. A great variety of attractions from natural scenery to modern buildings were also arranged for the media to enrich their test-drive reports and reach even wider audience.

  • Jul-07-2020
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