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Championing Change

In today’s environment, shifting global priorities and a spotlight on social inequity have upended the status quo and have left many feeling disoriented. In fact, two-thirds of adults globally say they are overwhelmed by the changes they see taking place in the world. This might sound daunting, but guess what? A whopping three-fourths of adults globally agree that they believe their individual actions can influence positive change. And it’s true. As cultures become more polarized, people are being jolted out of complacency and galvanized into action. Newly engaged, people are no longer taking their rights for granted. Instead, they are voicing and demonstrating their opinions – advocating for change. Join Laurie Moskowitz, senior director of U.S. Campaigns for The ONE Campaign, as she discusses how each of us can join in on this activist awakening, and the different ways we can take action and champion real change.

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