Check Out IBM’s Dario Gil to Learn About the Recent Breakthroughs and Expected Future Advances in Computing Technologies

We marvel at what our computers can to do today, but we haven’t fully grasped the implications of what will happen when we bring together the best of bit-based classical computers, neuron-based AI systems, and qubit-based quantum computers. The convergence is revolutionizing computing and creates unseen compute power – both in terms of performance but more importantly for solving problems so far deemed unsolvable. And in turn, it powers a second revolution in scientific discovery enabling its massive acceleration. Join IBM’s Director of Research Dario Gil as he shares the recent breakthroughs and expected future advances for each of the three computing technologies: classical computing (bits), AI algorithms (neurons), and quantum computing (qubits). He’ll reveal IBM’s roadmap for IBM Quantum to achieve quantum advantage. In each section, he’ll also reflect on the implications for scientific discovery aiming at its tenfold acceleration and illustrate how the advances in computing and the compute paradigm convergence is enabling specifically rapid materials discovery which is essential to society and virtually all industries. IBM Research’s 5in5 predictions will give examples of five high-impact materials predicted to be created in the next five years.

Watch the captioned version here.

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