The Hunt for History

A handheld address to Congress by President George Washington; a note that Winston Churchill wrote to his captor when he was a young POW in South Africa; paperwork signed and filled out by Amelia Earhart when she became the first woman to fly the Atlantic; an American flag carried to the moon and back by Neil Armstrong; an unpublished letter written by Albert Einstein, discussing his theory of relativity. In The Hunt for History, Raab shares some fascinating stories about his professional exploits: whether it’s the first report of Napoleon’s death or an unpublished letter penned by Albert Einstein to a curious soldier, every document and artifact Raab uncovers comes with a spellbinding story – and often offers new insights into a life we thought we knew. Join Nathan Raab, rare documents dealer, describes his years as the Sherlock Holmes of historical artifacts – questing after precious finds and determining their authenticity – and shows us what the past can tell us about the present … and the future, especially when it comes to a company as storied as ours. 

Watch the captioned version here.

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