Awake in the Wild – The Power of Awareness and Joy in Nature

Does any, if not all, of the following sound like a situation you are in? Cooped up at home or in an office setting for a good chunk of your day. Spending hours upon hours in front of screens. Feeling stressed, isolated and/or over stimulated. If so, you too are probably looking for a way to restore balance in your life again just as we are.

The answer? Bringing nature into your daily life might just be it.

Watch as Mark Coleman, renowned mindfulness expert and trained psychologist, as he discusses the central role that nature plays in our well-being and happiness. He will explore how through being mindful outdoors, we learn to naturally focus in the present moment, access joy and beauty, and find the simple peace and relaxation so many of us are seeking. Through contemplative attention in nature, Mark also will explain how we can learn essential tools for resilience – including how to navigate change, ways to stay steady in the storms, and how understanding our sense of place and connection supports us during challenging times and helps us better care for each other

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