GTBC Campus - Connected, Flexible, Fluid, and Cross-Functional

On September 27, GTBC Director Mike Brielmaier was joined by Jodi Dudley, Director Ford Business Solutions and Jose Maria Villarreal, Director Human Resources, IMG, FSAO & FBS to celebrate the opening of the new facilities.

Nearly 8,000 employees were entertained by popular comedian Danish Sait, followed by a laser light show, drums and a live musical set from renowned entertainer Benny Dayal. The highlight of the event was the laser show that showcased the new design philosophy and corporate culture change, which was done keeping in mind Ford’s core master planning design principles – of integration, interaction and co-location.

Gangapriya Chakraverti, Director Human Resources, GTBC, commented that the new facility moved employees from enclosed cubicles to open linear seating and offers a flexible workspace with convenient amenities for employees.

“The new workspace has varied settings allowing individuals to choose what works best for them,” she said. “With individual seating areas, collaborative meeting spaces to spaces that can allow for impromptu gathering of large teams, the new workspace offers many options.”

As part of redesigning the company’s global workspaces, the Global Technology and Business Center in Chennai is the first campus to fully implement Ford’s new design philosophy, according to Ford Land Chairman and CEO David Dubensky.

“We look at the workplaces through the lens of our employees – and we’re tailoring execution to the unique needs of each region,” he said.

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The GTBC campus features:

A state of the art talent center with rooms in multiple configurations to address learning and development needs of employees

A daycare facility for infants, toddlers and school-age children with skilled educators and a holistic curriculum suited for different age groups

A nursing room for new mothers

A two-floor, 3,600-seat cafeteria offers a dining and engagement experience and not just food. A specially crafted food program with a wide variety of global and healthy menu options, a variety of seating options, a technology portal to pre-order meals are some of the features

A medical center, gym, fitness trainers, a badminton court, dedicated hall for group classes for activities like yoga, mindfulness, etc. under the umbrella of the newly launched holistic Wellness program, Flourish at Ford, which focusses on physical, emotional, financial and social wellness

A variety of convenience stores to take care of daily essentials of employees like groceries and pantry supplies

33 percent of green cover and is a green campus by adopting rain water harvesting, treating and recycling water, making this a zero-discharge campus

Technology center provides facilities for PD, Manufacturing, MP&L and FCSD to conduct physical product activities

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