Mustang GT350 Comes Alive in Ford Employee’s Epic Long-Exposure Photo

Photo courtesy of William Frantz

The Mustang GT350 isn’t magic, but in William Frantz’s long-exposure photo, it might as well be.

Streaks of blue light paint the night sky, illuminating the Mustang as the Ambassador Bridge sparkles in the background.

It’s striking, to say the least.

The Ford employee’s photo recently caught the attention of Jalopnik and the auto blog posted the image to its homepage for its regular “Weekend Wallpaper” feature, calling the photo “ridiculously awesome.”

Frantz has been interested in photography and automotive photography for about 10 years.

“Working at Ford, and having many friends passionate about their vehicles, it makes it easy to find good subjects to shoot,” he said.

The pictured GT350 actually belongs to his good friend and fellow Ford engineer Victor Condelee.

Frantz said he scouted some shoot locations in Corktown and southwest Detroit about five or six weeks ago after work one Friday. Later that evening, he came back with his photography gear – a Nikon D810 and LED light panels – and the GT350 to get the long-exposure shot. He said it was a 15-second exposure, and is a single photo, not a composite.

That Jalopnik – Frantz’s absolute favorite car blog, maybe even favorite website overall – featured his photo was a dream come true.

“Seeing my photo show up on their homepage was epic,” he said. “I often see other photos posted on Jalopnik that I think are incredible, so it’s really cool to be included with some of those other very talented photographers featured on the site. I was super humbled.”

Despite his talent, Frantz said he prefers to keep his photography as a passion project only. He’s done a few professional wedding shoots in the past, but thinks of it more as a hobby.

“I found as soon as I started getting paid for something, it becomes a job and comes with stress,” he said.

Check out Frantz’s Instagram and YouTube to see more of his photography.

Want the photo for your own wallpaper? Click here for a high-res version.

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