"Ford Champions" - Ford's Employee Experts Introduce their Amazing Talents

COLOGNE, Germany – They are body building world champions, masters of high performance artistry and other demanding disciplines, and they are, of course, “experts at Ford” – they are our “Ford Champions”. This week, we would like to introduce Marius Stamate to you. Born in Romania, Marius joined the Romanian state circus as a professional juggler being no older than 12 years, before moving to the UK later on, where he now works at Ford’s Dagenham plant. Have a look at Marius’ astounding artistry, which is also beneficial to his work at Ford.

Do you know a colleague with an outstanding talent in the world of sport, performance or art? If so, we would like to hear from you. You can nominate a colleague via the comment function. 

Missed part one? No worries, just click on this link to access last week’s video

Part 1: 26.07  Body builder (SLS)

Part 2: 02.08  Juggler (Dagenham)

Part 3: 09.08  Dog agility trainer (SLS)

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