Ford Hispanic and Latino Network named one of Top 15 Employee Resource Groups for 2022 by LATINA Style Inc.

Starting 2023 strong, LATINA Style Inc. recognized Ford’s Hispanic and Latino Network (FHLN)  as one of the Top 15 Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in the U.S. for 2022. LATINA Style evaluated and ranked ERGs from corporations across the U.S. based on the impact these groups have had on their company’s overall business, both externally and internally. Notably, this recognition highlights how FHLN has played a role in helping advance career opportunities for diverse leaders at Ford as well as the company’s overall inclusion goals.

Latina Style Inc. has been honoring the achievements and contributions of ERGs around the country since 2010.

“Being recognized as one of the Top 15 ERGs in the country is an exceptional honor. As Ford’s trusted go-to resource for Latino matters, at FHLN, we are committed to enriching the workplace for all employees by embracing and infusing Latino culture at Ford Motor Company,” said Sylvia Veitia, FHLN president and executive vice president of global operations and customer experience at Ford Credit. “For 30 years, FHLN has been committed to investing and engaging with our communities, providing services and educational outreach. I am incredibly proud of FHLN’s strong record and am ecstatic to have received this recognition. We look forward to continuing our efforts advancing racial equity in the workplace and empowering Latinos at Ford to reach their highest potential.”

This accomplishment is yet another mark Ford’s Hispanic and Latino employees have made on the company culture. FHLN achieved great success by connecting Ford colleagues, peers, and entry-level talent through mentorship and leadership programs such as the Sponsorship Program Women Rising and Fast Forward Women.

“Our incredible and hard-working ERGs are instrumental to our overall business success,” said Lori Costew, chief diversity officer. “I am so proud of FHLN and its ongoing commitment to Ford’s mission to create, maintain and grow an inclusive culture and workplace where everyone feels welcome, respected and valued.”

The LATINA Style 50 Awards and Diversity Leaders Conference will be held on May 24, 2023, in Washington, D.C. The conference will host a variety of workshops that will highlight the work of ERGs in corporate America, featuring diversity leaders from the companies named in the Top 15. In addition, the Employee Resource Group of the Year for 2022 award will be announced.

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