Ford of Mexico Salute to Dealers: A Purpose to Change Lives

Since the arrival of the global "Salute to Dealers" program five years ago, Ford of Mexico has sought to recognize the efforts and initiatives of those Ford and Lincoln dealers who promote the wellness and development of their communities through different tailor-made projects. For 2023, we received 24 proposals and they were classified according to their purpose: Community Aid, Education, Environment, and Health. The committee considered the positive impact on the community, frequency of the activities, time and service invested, sustainability and dealer participation of the proposals.

The effort made by each of our dealers throughout Mexico is vital to continue building a better world, and it is a call to action to help those communities that need it most. Our first winner in the "Community Aid" category is called "De la Mano con Ford" (Hand in hand with Ford) from Ford Ecatepec, which supports foster care for children in vulnerable situations. The second one is "Fordtaleciendo su Camino" (Strengthening your way) from Autos SS Irapuato and it helps migrants make it through their passage across the country in the best way possible. In the "Education" category, the winner was "Pasa y Úne T" (Come and Join) from Productos Automotrices Chihuahua, which through a thorough education campaign, seeks to improve the quality of life of people that lacks ideal development conditions. Then, in the "Environment" category, the "Sánchez Eco Circular" project by Sánchez Automotriz was selected, and it consists of recycling fabrics to produce document holders that later are sold, with the earnings going directly to another of our programs like the "Educación en Movimiento" educational program. Finally, the winning project in the "Health" category consists of a program called "Dejando Huella" (Leaving a Footprint) in which the Autos SS León dealer supports low-income people who need a prosthesis.

These and other efforts made by the company and its dealers are having a positive effect on hundreds of people's lives and are encouraging us to continue contributing to changing the many circumstances afflicting our country and its amazing inhabitants. Luz Elena del Castillo, President and CEO of Ford of Mexico, Puerto Rico, Central America and the Caribbean affirms that "At Ford of Mexico, we have a commitment that goes beyond a commercial issue. Being grateful and giving back to society not only changes the world and the possibilities of the people we help, but it also motivates us to become the social leaders we must become to inspire others out there". We hope that more projects will join this great program in the fore coming years so,  we can  contribute to creating those little actions that not only keep Mexico spinning but the whole world.

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