Safe & Secure: Ford Dad helps son discover a career in safety

On June 5, what started as  a simple job-shadowing for Senior Airman, Kyle Madden soon turned into a hands-on experience into the life of a safety engineer, all thanks to dad.

When Terry Madden first heard his son was interested in a career in Safety, he immediately reached out to see if Kyle could gain advice and insight from local experts. After a week of approvals and help from Sr. Safety Engineer, Mat Arnaudo, Kyle was headed for the Rouge.

A safety engineer’s tasks differ from day to day. Whether safety is approached through preliminary planning or reactionary audits, engineers continually analyze the workplace to ensure it is safe for employees and that employees work safely. There is nothing more important than entering and returning from work happy, healthy and whole.

 Kyle currently works in the nuclear division of the Air Force, making safety one of the most important focus areas on a day-to-day basis. Being able to see how those skills apply in the automotive industry allowed him to explore his outside of the military. “It’s exciting knowing I can use my previous knowledge and planning skills to keep myself and others around me safe and efficient,” said Kyle.

During his time on the Rouge, he had the unique opportunity to attend the 2019 National Joint Health and Safety Ford North America ERT Challenge and even participate in a few key activities. “Being able to participate in the firehose water-ball challenge was the highlight of my day,” Kyle said. He also mentioned how attending the event helped him understand Ford and the UAW’s commitment to keeping their workers safe and making learning fun.

“As a father myself, we’re obligated to raise and nourish our children until they can sustain life without us.  We’re compelled to teach them the values and help guide them to success in all areas of life,” said Arnaudo. “What Terry has done for Kyle is what any great father would do.”

 “Shadowing at the Rouge site felt like I was being introduced to family…” he said. “Everyone I met greeted me with a firm handshake and a smile.” At Ford Motor Company, we encourage curiosity. This meaningful experience and others like it  is what helps us create tomorrow, and bring clarity to the future.


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