80 Years of Service- Celebrating Dearborn Tool & Die

Dearborn Tool and Die is commemorating 80 years of service. Each newsletter, till the end of the year, will contain a story about the plant and the people who work here. We couldn’t have made it 80 years without everyone’s hard work and dedication. This month we are recognizing the employee with the most seniority, Thurman Rod Taylor.

Thurman Rod Taylor began working at Ford Motor Company in September of 1964. He began his career at Ford as an hourly production member at Dearborn Engine Plant. Fresh out of the United States Air Force, he was eager to begin a new adventure. He wanted to have a career as a skilled tradesman and took the opportunity to join the Apprentice Program for the Skilled Trades. Taylor graduated from the Tool & Die Program in August of 1968.

“Everyone that I met, said that you have to get all the training that Ford Motor Company offers. I am so thankful I heeded their advice. I will have 54 years on September 2,” said Thurman Rod Taylor, Tool & Die Maker Leader.

Taylor has worked for Ford Motor Company for 54 years. He has seen many changes in the 50 years that he has worked at Tool & Die. “The plant has new procedures that have been initiated,” said Thurman Rod Taylor, Tool & Die Maker Leader. When he first began his career at Tool & Die the plant used blue-prints and wood/clay models. Today, computers, modern spotting presses, laser burners and extremely fast milling machines are used. “The time to produce our dies has gone from a year down to six weeks.” said Taylor, “The plant has new machinery, new floors and a new attitude.” As technology grows and advance, so must the technology that is used at DTD and that, technology, is what Taylor contributes to the biggest changes he has seen throughout the years.

Thurman Rod Taylor is proud to work at Dearborn Tool & Die. He enjoys spending time with the people he works with and is happy to work for Ford Motor Company. After 54 years with Ford Motor Company, Taylor has no plans on retiring soon,

“I enjoy my job of leading and assisting my fellow workers. When the day comes, when I do not enjoy my job, I will consider retirement,” said Taylor.


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