Lou Greenhagen Presented Masonic Award

Earlier this month, the International Supreme Council of the Order of DeMolay awarded Kansas City Assembly Plant MP&L Supervisor, Lou Greenhagen with the Legion of Honor (LOH) degree. It is the highest Degree and Honor conferred by the Council. The congress voted on the recipient for their 100th Anniversary Ceremony where they would offer the high-ranking degree to a Senior DeMolay member for demonstrating outstanding leadership in a field or endeavor, service to humanity, or success in fraternal life, including service to the Order of DeMolay.

Greenhagen took part in the special knighting ceremony where he received the honor. “When you receive the Legion of Honor, you are knighted as a Legion of Honor member,” said Greenhagen. “In my case, I am an Active Legion of Honor. And I am one of the members who are DeMolays.”

DeMolay first began in Kansas City in 1919 after WWI as an organization for young men whom had lost their fathers in battle. The typical age to join was between ages 13 to 21. The principles bestowed upon members range across various topics such as conflict resolution, financial responsibility, public speaking, social balance and other traits of stewardship and service. “I’ve been involved in DeMolay since I was 11 years old,” said Greenhagen. “I’ve been a Master Mason for over twenty five years.”

Other aspects seen admirable by the Order of DeMolay are military service and patriotism. Having served in the U.S. Marine Corps for 20 years, Greenhagen wears multiple medals he has received related to his military tours. While a Marine, he was involved in hostage rescue missions and served time in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sharing the honor with other admirable and famous local men from the KC area including Walt Disney, Walter Cronkite, J. Edgar Hoover, John Wayne and Harry S. Truman, the LOH degree is a selective and unique title to hold. 

“I am truly humbled by this,” said Greenhagen. “I’m ordinarily never one to go after honors or medals. I just do my job and in that, I figure everything else will work itself out. So in receiving this, I was honestly caught by surprise.”

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