August Leadership Message

Hello Everyone, 


As we head toward the end of the summer I would like to wish everyone a safe and restful Labor Day weekend. Take time to enjoy your family and friends. 


As always safety is the most important part of Rawsonville’s manufacturing process. RCP is still the Best in Ford Motor Company for number of Lost Time cases, still zero, and we’d like to keep that streak alive. So if you see a safety issue of any kind let your process coach know so that we can resolve it immediately. 


In the last month we’ve had some issues with our suppliers and we’ve had a few mishaps of our own. Please remember to be diligent when reviewing the parts that pass through your station and the parts that you make. If you see something that doesn’t look, feel, or smell right please let your process coach or team leader know. 


Currently our delivery metrics are green, however, we’ve seen a few cycle loss issues over the last couple of months.  Some of these are due to suppliers not sending the correct amount of parts, but some could be due to floor droppage or parts not in the right location, thus appearing that they aren’t in the plant.  If you drop parts, please pick them up.   


Cost is an area where we can improve by making the required number of parts. We need to hit our target, we have to avoid scrapping parts and treat them with the utmost care instead. We can’t damage or drop them. Another way we can improve is by not overspending in general stores. Everyone at RCP can have a positive impact on these items. Please do your best to be aware of these items when doing your job. 


Our skilled trades, maintenance teams and engineers work had to keep our equipment running.  Please notify them (or your process coach) if you see a piece of equipment not running as it does normally. I would also like to take the time to acknowledge our maintenance team for all that they do at Rawsonville, we couldn’t get our jobs done without your help. 


The environment is always a concern for Rawsonville. Monica Johnson is our expert on environmental issues here at RCP.  She can help with questions about water usage, energy, waste sources, recycling trash and a host of other things.  Feel free to stop her if you have questions. Again I wish the Rawsonville family a great holiday!


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