Plant Leadership Message

To the entire Rawsonville Team,

It’s the end of September, temperatures will be dropping soon and before we know it the holiday season will be upon us. Over the next few months, a lot of our team members on both the hourly and salaried side will be away from the plant for various reasons. That is why I want to emphasize the importance of attendance.

Currently Rawsonville has the second highest absentee rate in Ford Motor Company’s Powertrain Division. Poor attendance rates have a direct and negative correlation to plant metrics like cost and JPH. It also lowers the morale of team members who do show up for work and compromises both the safety of workers and quality of parts.

The good news is that attendance is an issue that we can jointly work to improve. As Rawsonville’s attendance numbers start to trend upward everyone will notice the benefits of working in a fully staffed facility. As always, continue to work safely. Do not hesitate to speak up if you notice issues with parts or machines and remember that you are the best and most valuable part of Ford Motor Company.



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